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Modern Back to the Future | Brookline Mid-century Modern

Kevin, Tommy, and Richard tour the renovated modern marvel that Sunil and Neha all home

Finally Finishes | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Finishing closets, baseboards, a linear shower drain, and floating vanities are installed.

Attack of the Giant Tile | Brookline Mid-century Modern Hous

Giant tile project. Revisiting the 20th. Retro fireplace and modern cabinets installed.

See Glass | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Making plate glass and windows, cold weather painting, heated driveway, patio install.

What’s the Miter with the Corner | Brookline Mid-century Mod

Puddingstone wall, revisit Cambridge modern, trimless recessed lights, rain water runoff.

Can We Cantilever | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Rafters for a cantilevered roof, venting solve, ductwork puzzle, snow cleats

Eight Is Enough Stairways | Brookline Mid-century Modern

Calculating stair riser height, foundation insulation, radiant heat, return to Santa Fe.

Stone Cold Pavers | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Paver selection, skylight install, sewer line replacement, and foundation repair.

Norm Revisits Skylights | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

In-counter outlets lesson. Visit with visits Nathan Gilbert. Norm frames a skylight.

Beam Me Up Tommy | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Buttress poured, visit to Manchester by the sea, puzzling ductwork, and PVC trim installed

Apprentice Sill School | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Apprentices lay a foundation sill, Richard scopes the sewer, and modern design inside.

Next Generation Demo | Brookline Mid-century Modern House

Brookline removes asbestos, salvage, and trees, and a visit to the first TOH project house

Mid-century Modern Makeover | Brookline Mid-century Modern

Tommy and Kevin learn about the full scope of work, as Charlie starts the demolition.

Net Zero Comes Together | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Touring the Net-Zero yard and barn, the upstairs, main floor, mechanicals, and kitchen.

Energy Saving Installations | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Induction cooking. Solar panel and unique lattice installs. A lesson in ERV. Landscaping.

Roger’s Nod to Sod | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Roger visits a sod farm. Richard inspects HVAC install. Fireplace, porch screens, and a ne

Powering Net-Zero |The Jamestown Net Zero House

Tommy compares blue board to drywall. Size a solar array. New ceiling. Install generator.

Designing Their Dream Home | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Kevin reviews an architecture studio’s designs. Plumbing goes in, and a vanity is built.

Air Tight House | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Sealed against air leaks. Pre-drywall check. Landscape plan. Fabricated porch. Shingles.

Modern Barn Raising | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Load center install, cedar shingling, basement insulation, plan framing, beam barn raising

Net Zero Blanket | The Jamestown Net Zero House

Roof insulation, The Breakers tour, electrician Congressman, apprentices install windows.

Ramp Up the R Value | The Jamestown Net-Zero House

Crucial net-zero insulation. Apprentices. Efficient decorative lighting. Rafter tails.

A Charleston Family House is Reborn | The Jamestown Net-Zero

New apprentices, cabinet showroom, the house gets sheathed, and the Charleston finish line

HVAC of the Future | The Jamestown Net-Zero House

Framing net zero. Balanced HVAC. The International Builders Show. Old wiring and plumbing.

Net Zero From the Ground Up | The Jamestown Net-Zero House

Shingle removal. Precast concrete walls. Tour of Jamestown. Pre-case foundation set.

The Net Zero Bungalow | The Jamestown Net-Zero House

The 40th season begins with a 1920’s bungalow which will become a larger net zero house

About This Old House

This Old House, with pros Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.

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