Nebby: Rick Sebak's Tales of Greater Pittsburgh

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My Seven Weeks in Magee - After a fall that ruptured his left quadriceps tendon, Rick had to have surgery and then began a long, slow recovery. He spent time at a “skilled nursing facility” to recuperate. Now he has made a new program for his popular crowd-funded NEBBY series that details the trials and tribulations (but primarily the delicious joys) of what he calls “My Seven Weeks In Magee.”

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About Nebby: Rick Sebak's Tales of Greater Pittsburgh

This series of public TV programs known as NEBBY: RICK SEBAK'S TALES OF GREATER PITTSBURGH is a set of 7 celebratory shows about various aspects of local history and culture. Each of the 7 is a stand alone documentary. While the word "nebby" means "nosey" or "inquisitive" to most native Pittsburghers, many of whom have known a "nebby neighbor" for years, the series is an unpredictable mix of topic