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To Dine For With Kate Sullivan

The Good Fight

A celebration of African-American men and women who served their country even when their country didn’t always serve them.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

iQ: Smartparent

Breakthroughs in innovative technologies are re-shaping the way we live..but what do these changes mean for today's young people?

Cat Tales


Goddess, demon, house pet? What does science say about the human relationship with cats?

Black History Month

Join us as we celebrate the history and contributions of African-Americans with month-long programming and more.


Just a Minute

This dancing community was founded within the LGBTQ+ family of Pittsburgh, and invited everyone to come learn the art of country dancing!

Life After Hate

WQED Digital Docs

Shannon Foley Martinez is a former neo-Nazi who shares her story and what she learned about the roots of hatred.

Mac Miller's Mural

Pittsburgh 360

The late Mac Miller will be forever remembered for his music, and now in a work of art.


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WQED + Kindness

One of a Kind Stories

After the tragedy at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, Barb Grossman and her family started the Pgh Handmade Hearts Campaign.

2020 Writer's Contest

The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is now open and encourages children in grades K through 5 to submit their own original illustrated stories for great prizes!


Future Jobs

The career choice of welding is in very high demand in our region. We visit Pittsburgh Technical College to learn more about this hot trade.

My Seven Weeks in Magee


Watch as Rick Sebak chronicals his extended stay at UPMC Magee Women's Hospital with seven weeks of friends, food and recovery!

Clara Kent

WQED Sessions

Homewood's Clara Kent blends multiple genres together to create her own unique, authentic and soulful sound.

Hack Pittsburgh

Just a Minute

This maker space in Pittsburgh's uptown provides tools, equipment, and fun to those willing to experiment and learn.

La Gourmandine

Pittsburgh Eats

A Pittsburgh favorite, specializing in traditional French baked goods year round.

A Pearl Harbor Story

WQED Digital Docs

Joseph Gasper remembers the attack like it was yesterday. He was a 23-year-old staff sergeant when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

The Braddock Piano

Just a Minute

Several times a week, Shailen “Shy” Abram plays at Braddock’s outdoor piano. Located at The Hollander Project, the piano is a reminder that music should be available to anyone at anytime.


An excavation and forensics team bring closure to the family of a fallen WWII Army Air Corps engineer-gunner from Monongahela.

Drop by Drop

WQED Digital Docs

Follow along with five Afghanistan refugee women as they work toward their dream of owning a food business in Pittsburgh.