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Clifford the Big Red Dog
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Sesame Street
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Elinor Wonders Why

In Memoriam: Joanne Rogers

We remember one of our closest neighbors, Joanne Rogers. In this 2003 WQED interview with Michael Bartley, Joanne reflects on the recent passing of her husband, Fred Rogers.

Out of the Woods

With fascinating photography and interviews, this documentary takes viewers to historic sites including Fort Ligonier, Fort Necessity, Fort Pitt, Bushy Run Battlefield, Braddock's Battlefield, and historic Hanna's Town.

Maggie's Farm Rum

Pittsburgh Eats

During the holidays, this independent craft rum distiller's famous "secret recipe" eggnog is a customer favorite.

Sree's Foods

Pittsburgh Eats

Sree's cuisine originates in the ancient southern Indian city of Hyderabad, and reflects the principles of Ayurveda, which means "Science of Life."

VOICES: Shades of Love

Discussions on racism and equity are more prevalent now than ever, and those topics have special significance for people in interracial marriages or partnerships.

Family Tree

Pittsburgh 360

Deep in Pennsylvania hardwood country, four generations of the Hickman family have become a world-wide distributor of top-quality woods.

Childhood Lost

A new documentary shining a light on Adultification: the perception that African American girls are more adult and less in need of support and care than girls of a different race.


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An Unlikely Refuge

As a follow-up to WQED’s PBS national documentary, “Harbor from the Holocaust” this 30-minute local documentary examines the Pittsburgh connections to a little-known story of Jews who found refuge in Shanghai during the Holocaust.

Behind Enemy Lines

A Pilot's Story of Survival

Shot down two weeks before D-Day, P-47 fighter pilot Wally King experienced turmoil first-hand. Now 97 and living in New Wilmington, PA, he relives the uncertainty and desperation, along with unexpected moments of humanity.

Starved: Our Food Insecurity Crisis

More than a million people in Pennsylvania are hungry because they cannot afford or do not have access to healthy food. WQED examines food insecurity affecting thousands in the region.

Emma Writt

In Pittsburgh's African American community, the suffrage movement was vibrant, and it grew out of women's reading clubs. Join us in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

The Longwell House

Pittsburgh 360

Efforts are underway in Monongahela, Washington County to renovate a landmark home built in 1872, as a permanent site for the town’s historical society.

Happy Day Dessert Factory

Pittsburgh Eats

Named after a song his grandmother always sang, owner Galen Moorer Jr. offers fresh, homemade confections year round at this North Side treat shop!

Jon Bindley

WQED Sessions

This episode features the song "Future Tripping" by Jon Bindley of Bindley Hardware Co.

The Wheel Mill

Just a Minute

The Wheel Mill is Pittsburgh's first indoor bike park, with 80,000 sq ft of jumps, ramps and trails for BMX and Mountain Bikers of all ages.

Phat Man Dee

WQED Sessions

This episode features the song stylings of Phat Man Dee, a cosmic jazz cabaret vocalist, band leader and music educator.

August Wilson Park: You Plan Right

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and other agencies worked closely with the community to transform a rundown Hill District park into a green space for art, nature, and play.

SOS: Support Our Schools

WQED Education

A new universally-designed project that engages students for a period of ten days and crosses curriculum areas to address grade level standards in multiple subject areas.

Learning at Home

WQED Education

This school year is going to be unlike any other. WQED has online resources for parents, educators, students and caregivers.