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Eyes on the Prize

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WQED In the Time of COVID

"Rising to the Occasion"

Look back, look forward, and explore the impact that WQED had over the pandemic year. Get started with Rick Sebak's A Very Quick History of an Unusual Television Station.

Mental Health and the Black Community


Black Pittsburghers share their lived stories of overcoming the stigma of mental health treatment and breaking barriers.

Future Jobs: Starting Over

Hear from Pittsburghers in various stages of identifying, training, and working in new jobs - all guided by emerging trends in the workforce.

iQ Smartparent: Teachable Moments

WQED Education

Video lessons from local teachers showing students how to create educational projects - from photography, to science and more - at home.

Philly D.A.

Independent Lens

Go inside the emotional, high stakes work that Philadelphia District Attorney and a group of outsiders take on as they attempt an overhaul of the criminal justice system.

A Matter of Trust: COVID-19 Vaccines

Three members of the community speak emotionally of their decision, and of the personal toll the pandemic has had on them and their families.

Windows to Heaven

Digital Docs

Inside Saint Moses the Black Orthodox Church, beautiful icons are not only considered sacred, but are seen as remarkable works of art.


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Pete and Scott

WQED Sessions

From Anderson Music Academy in McMurray, PA, we present two of Pittsburgh's most-respected musicians: Pete and Scott (Hewlett Anderson).

The Air That We Breathe

The region’s air quality has been an issue for decades. And while it’s certainly cleaner than in the past, there are present-day pollution sources that threaten marginalized communities and us all.

Square Café

Pittsburgh Eats

For over 15 years, Square Café has provided Pittsburgh neighborhoods with inventive coffee, breakfast and lunch options, in their own fun and colorful way.

Keep Pittsburgh Dope

Digital Docs

Social media platform Keep Pittsburgh Dope showcases the unique people of Pittsburgh through street photography.

In Memoriam: Elsie Henderson

The legendary cook and meal planner for the Kaufmann family at Fallingwater died March 20, 2021 at the age of 107. Mrs. Henderson also spent years cooking for the Heinz, Mellon and Kennedy families.

Home Spun

Pittsburgh 360

Enjoy a visit to Stramba Alpaca Farm and Fiber Mill in Wampum, Lawrence County. This family-owned mill processes its own farm-grown alpaca fiber to create a variety of products.

Aviation Technicians

Future Jobs

There are many different facets of being an aircraft mechanic, and demand is on the rise. Hear about this career and more!

Roots Run Deep

Pittsburgh 360

A unique exhibit in Pittsburgh is exploring how contemporary Black hairstyles are tied to tradition.

Achieva Early Learning Infant Massage

Infant massage can help calm and soothe fussy babies, ease digestive issues and more. WQED EDU is excited to collaborate with Achieva Early Intervention on a groundbreaking new series.

Black Horizons from the Archive

A look back at Black Horizons, WQED's long-running Black public affairs programs, with digitally re-mastered segments and interviews with memorable, and in some cases, iconic guests.

Cam Chambers

WQED Sessions

Soul singer and New Kensington native Cam Chambers gives us a live performance of the song "Nuedae" at the historic Kelly Strayhorn Theater.

Family Portrait

Digital Docs

At the age of 84, Fred Kenderson reflects on his remarkable career, during which he became one of Pittsburgh's first corporate photographers. His daughter, Cynthia, is now carrying on the family tradition.

Fudge Farm

Pittsburgh Eats

Fudge Farm is as much a part of the South Side culture as the bars its shakes are named for.


Digital Docs

Explore the life and work of Pittsburgh photographer Mikael Owunna. His portraits - a fascinating combination of engineering and optics - of the Black body are driven by his identity as a queer Nigerian.

What is a President?

Our American Democracy

As the United States steps into a new year with a new president, WQED's "Our American Democracy" explores some of the issues and struggles this new era will bring.

Aviary Artist

Pittsburgh 360

Recently, one of the aviary's mammals is getting a lot of attention. Hang out with “Valentino,” the painting sloth who has brushed his way into the hearts of visitors.

Nicholas Coffee & Tea

Pittsburgh Eats

Owned and operated by the same family since 1919, this shop in Market Square offers a wide variety of teas, cigars and over 100 flavors of coffee.

Pittsburghers on Racism and Resilience


Pittsburghers of different racial and ethnic backgrounds share their encounters with racism and discrimination in this region.