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12:00 AM
Professor T
1:00 AM
The Keto Diet With Dr. Josh Axe
2:30 AM
The British Beat (My Music)

Annaleigh Ashford

Live from Lincoln Center

Experience the stunning vocals and comic verve of Broadway star Annaleigh Ashford.

The Funky Fly Project

WQED Sessions

See a jazz/funk fusion combo made up of a talented group of young men aged 13-20 perform at The Lighthouse Project in the Homewood YMCA.

The Rocket

Breakthrough: Ideas That Changed the World

Blast off into history to see how rockets originated not in the sky, but in a cave in ancient China.

    Supreme Revenge


    TUESDAY, MAY 21 10:00PM
    Inside the no-holds-barred war for control of the Supreme Court.

          Sydney Krauth

          WQED Sessions

          17-year-old singer/songwriter Sydney Krauth performs "Don't Be Talking To Me." She's joined on the track by rapper Bird, live drums, guitar, backup vocals, and our pal Frzy at the board.

          Screen Time vs. Old School Learning

          iQ Smartparent Ep. 606

          This episode talks to education experts to see, in terms of learning impacts, when does a screen or alternate forms of interaction work best?

          The Great Ride

          The Great Ride is still available for streaming to WQED members.



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          WQED + Kindness

          Our role is the community for 65 years has been to provide a safe, inclusive place for all. Now we are celebrating these shared values more than ever. We invite the you to share your day-to-day acts of kindness!


          WQED Documentaries

          Five innovative, creative, and ground-breaking visual artists from Western PA show their work and share stories of the rewards and challenges of being a woman in their field.


          Pittsburgh Eats

          A vegan cafe located in Upper Lawrenceville that features a fusion of American and Middle Eastern cuisine, house baked goods, chocolates, and a full service espresso bar.

          Franklin Inn

          Pittsburgh Eats

          This small family-owned restaurant, located in Franklin Park, has been serving Mexican food for the past 40 years.

          Walter's Southern Kitchen

          Pittsburgh Eats

          Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood became the perfect destination for two friend's authentic Texas barbeque.

          The Biggest Fight of My Life

          WQED Specials

          World Champion boxer Steve "USS" Cunningham is giving back to his new hometown of Pittsburgh for good reason.

          Body of Work

          Pittsburgh 360

          It’s art...with an unexpected canvas! Meet a local woman who uses paint, make-up, and mirrors to create an extraordinary (and very temporary) body of work.

          A Childhood Mystery

          WQED Specials

          Parents say their children's personalities changed overnight. That's because of two frightening, often misdiagnosed pediatric syndromes known as PANDAS and PANS.

          Elias Khouri

          WQED Sessions

          We catch up with up-and-coming musical powerhouse Elias Khouri to chat about his musical influences and his own local open-mic for young musicians!