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Students in the studio filming

WQED Film Academy Lite

Film Academy Lite is a youth education program – open to 6th-8th graders – in digital media arts and filmmaking.

Storyboard Contest logo

Storyboard Contest

Students are encouraged to use their creativity to promote anti-bullying behaviors and kindness, while learning how to storyboard.

WQED Education Resources

WQED engages in meaningful partnerships with other schools, organizations, and stakeholders nationally as well as across the region that have a vested interest in ensuring that children receive the highest quality education possible.

More Educational Resources


Click here to watch the WQED PBS Kids 24/7 Channel

Community & School Programs

  • Bullying Prevention

    Bullying Prevention

    “Know What’s Right, Do What’s Right” campaign reaches young children—in preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school—with solutions that begin to prepare them to confront this troubling behavior.

  • Design Lives Here 23-24 logo

    Design Lives Here

    An initiative that equips teachers and students in grades 5 – 8 to participate in engineering activities, leading up to a culminating design challenge event.

  • WQED Film Academy logo

    WQED Film Academy

    Our student-focused program offers filmmaking classroom experience at WQED’s studios. Teaching artists and professional mentors teach a curriculum of the basics of digital media arts.

  • Inquire Within logo

    Inquire Within

    A collaboration with neighborhood libraries. It encourages family engagement and a love of learning through hands-on, family-centered activities supported with PBS programs.

  • Lead with Music logo

    Lead With Music

    A WQED Education interactive kit developed to engage young learners to discover and explore classical music. Educators don’t need to be an expert to help children create and share music.

  • Library Explorers logo

    Library Explorers

    You can explore libraries around Pennsylvania and beyond from your home or in-person! Collect pins, complete fun activities, and get prizes!

  • Ready To Learn

    Ready To Learn

    The 2020-2025 round of Ready to Learn focusses on the rural community of Washington County. Our partners will learn about PBS resources to increase family engagement and to bring their communities together.

  • Smart Schools logo

    Smart Schools

    A collaboration with local schools to bring teachers, students, and families research-based, parent trusted PBS resources into the classrooms to create innovative and impactful learning experiences.

  • Teamology logo


    TEAMology’s mission is to understand and improve emotional health to enhance every child’s ability to succeed in school, career, and life.


  • Write My Future Writers Contest logo 2023

    Writers Contest

    Students grade K to 3 submit original stories and illustrations to encourage literacy, reading, and career exploration through the theme of writing about their future.

  • Storyboard Contest

    WQED Film Academy and Marcus L. Ruscitto Charitable Foundation are holding a Bullying Prevention Storyboard Contest for K-3 students in schools across Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Lifelong Learning

  • WQED Film Academy On Location logo

    WQED Film Academy On Location

    Educators, discover what WQED Film Academy On Location can do in your school or camp! We bring studio experience to you!

  • two men walking through a factory

    History Documentaries

    Engage in WQED produced history documentaries and resources to bring local history into your learning space.

  • IQ Smartparent: Teachable Moments

    iQ Smartparent: Teachable Moments

    This series of one-minute videos featuring fun and fascinating learning experiences that children and families can do anywhere!

  • PBS Kids

    PBS Kids

    Visit PBSkids.org for videos, games, resources, and much more!

  • PBS Learning Media Free classroom Resources, Mapped to State Standards

    PBS Learning Media

    Bring the World to Your Classroom. WQED and PBS have curated FREE, curriculum-aligned videos, interactive lesson plans, and more for teachers like you.

  • PBS Kids for Parents

    PBS Kids for Parents

    Parent resources, tips, hands-on activities, games, and more featuring your favorite PBS Kids shows and resources from early learning experts.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development

    WQED EDU offers professional development for educators as well as Act 48 continuing education credit, featuring useful, child-engaging resources from PBS and WQED.

  • Family Style

    Family Style Cooking Videos

    WQED Education brings the classroom to your kitchen! Simple and fun educational videos to try with the family.

Digital Media Resources

  • Cartoon Academy with Joe Wos logo

    Cartoon Academy

    Internationally syndicated Pittsburgh cartoonist Joe Wos takes viewers of all ages through the creative steps of drawing cartoon characters while sharing tips and educational facts.

  • IQ Smartparent logo

    iQ: Smartparent

    An Emmy Award-winning program about parenting in the digital age that empowers parents with new knowledge and tools to successfully guide their children in the use of digital media and technology.

  • Remake Learning Series logo

    Remake Learning Series

    Documentaries, community forums, video shorts and more–all shining a light on the people and organizations reshaping education and ultimately the future of our children.

  • Science U at home logo

    Science-U at Home

    Bringing the wonder of science directly to your doorstep, offering captivating experiments, learning, and exploration opportunities for all ages.

  • Skills for Success logo

    Skills for Success

    An approach to empower educators, support caregivers and lead to school readiness for students. We provide tools for educators to use PBS resources to support students in the classroom and parents at home.


  • SOS - Support Our Schools

    SOS: Support Our Schools

    A universally-designed project that engages students and crosses various curriculum and grade levels.

  • Your Learning Neighborhood logo

    WQED’s Your Learning Neighborhood

    Learning occurs everywhere: at home, at school, and in your community.

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