About Smart Schools

WQED is teaming up with local schools to bring teachers, students, and families, Smart SchoolsSmart Schools infuses research-based, parent-trusted PBS resources into classrooms to create innovative and impactful learning experiences for school-aged learners. Smart Schools uses the power of media to educate, engage, and inspire 21st-century learners while reimagining media-first partnerships to build and sustain a new approach to educational media.

Schools have the opportunity to receive professional development from the WQED Education Team. They have access to PBS based family engagement programs such as Family and Community Learning Workshops, screener premieres of PBS shows before they air on TV, and can select from a number of afterschool programs (such as math iQ) to offer to their students and families. The program is intended to be collaborative, customized, and responsive to the unique needs of each school while building Learning Neighborhoods with Inquire Within Libraries and other education-focused organizations within the community.

Videos from our Smart Schools:

Smart Schools Testimonials

Hatfield and Hutchinson Elementary School in the Laurel Highlands School District

“Being a WQED Smartschool has provided a great partnership for my schools. Rachel Sew and her team have provided me and my students with many new opportunities for growth and development in our media centers.”

“They have opened our eyes to new educational programming, characters, and ideas for activities and lessons. WQED has also provided many programs and activities for our schools such as STEM kits, fun pads, map and music kits, fire prevention activities, back to school kits, scarf kits, materials for Family Reading Nights, and many more. Many of these I have incorporated into our media centers. If I need additional material for a certain subject or topic that I’m teaching, WQED is always there providing me support, guidance and fun activities. They make lesson planning much easier. I am very grateful for being a WQED Smartschool.”
– Catherine M., Media Specialist for Hatfield and Hutchinson Elementary School in the Laurel Highlands School District

Trinity Area School District East

“What you have done for my fifth graders goes above and beyond. This sincere “thank you” was postponed because I wanted to send pictures of the fifth graders in action during our STEM Career Fair.”

    “The computer printer and ink that you sent to me for Trinity East’s fifth grade STEM career readiness is greatly appreciated. Because of your generosity, I will now be able to print the state mandated STEM career research reports, pictures for their trifold boards, and the needed components for the boards from my classroom. Previously, I would take the entire class of 20-23 students to the computer room and try to have them print their requirements. Inevitably, the one printer would not receive all of the students’ reports, pictures, or components for the board. As a result, we’d walk away from the computer room, with perhaps 4 printed components. This was a common occurrence with all three classes that I work with.
Now, with the printer that WQED so graciously donated, I foresee no problem for the printing with next year’s 5th grade class. The printer will solely be for Career Readiness with my three classes being the only users. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Thank you, again, for your generosity, your kindness, and your quick response in supplying Trinity East’s fifth graders with their own printer. Next year’s fifth graders are very lucky, thanks to you. What WQED has done is appreciated more than you can imagine.”
– Paula P., Trinity Area School District East

Trinity East Educators

“We feel so rejuvenated as a staff being here- it’s so good to be with the families, getting to know them again after the last couple of years.”

– Trinity East Educators (on PBSKIDS Scratch Jr Family and Community Learning Workshops FCLs)

Kelly Primary

“I wanted to thank you for those 5 PBS KIDS Playtime Pads you gave us. They are great and they help out so much. They have actual Science lessons on them and the kids love them.”

“When I’m working with a group of students I will give them to another group and they love them. The best part is they are getting an actual science lesson and they love it.”
– Mr. Bush, STEM Teacher, Kelly Primary

StoRox Primary

“I already incorporated the Arthur & Friends Comic: So Funny I Forgot to Laugh yesterday. [We] got a little excited and started our April focus a little early. The kids loved it! I put it in the kiddo’s Google Classroom so they can explore the different endings today!”

– Sherri K., StoRox Primary

Participating Schools

Aliquippa Elementary School

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

Barrett Elementary School

Broad Street Elementary School

Clairton Elementary School

Emily Brittain Elementary School

Francis McClure Elementary School

Frazier Elementary School


Marshall Elementary School

McAnnulty Elementary School

R.W. Clark Elementary School

Sto-Rox Primary School

Hatfield Elementary School

Highland Elementary School (Ambridge)

Hutchinson Elementary School

Kelly Elementary School

Trinity North Elementary School

Trinity South Elementary School

Trinity East Elementary School

Trinity West Elementary School

Wilkins Elementary STEAM Academy

Wylandville Elementary School