math iQ is a program that uses innovative approaches to teach math to kids from pre-K through third grade.

Its components include:

  1. Three Community Hubs in at-risk areas in Pittsburgh, infused with Ready to Learn math content.
    • the West End
    • the East End
    • the North Side
  2. Monthly program of 9 “math interventions” at all 3 Community Hubs that pairs 3rd graders as math buddies to pre-K and K learners.
  3. Adding Odd Squad (PBS’s new live action show, debuting in 2014) Clubs to 3rd grade classrooms in our 3 Community Hubs.
  4. Hosting 9 parent App-a-Thons during the grant period in our Community Hubs.
  5. Hosting Summer Learning Day activities during both 2014 and 2015 summers.
  6. Hosting 6 additional community events during the grant period in our Community Hubs focused on math, literacy and family engagement.
  7. Partnership with University of Pittsburgh to do research and develop a sustainable toolkit for scale by the 2015 school year.

For more information about the math iQ program, contact Cathy Cook at or (412) 622-1394.

More About math iQ

Math anxiety begins at a young age, but math is a necessary and important educational discipline. math iQ pairs third graders and pre-K and Kindergartners in a fun session of math learning. Older students mentor younger kids, learn math together, and in the process all get more comfortable with math.

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