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The Communion

After the kidnapping of a little girl, two agents are sent undercover to find answers.

The Dress

As the search goes on, Victor makes a startling discovery.

The Cabana

A disturbing discovery is made at Bosco’s house, revealing his hidden obsession.

The Communion Video

Laura and Victor must go to new lengths to find the true culprit.


Carmen is certain that Begona is responsible and that little Nuria knows something.


Laura and Victor need to piece everything together before it is too late.

The Lantern

The race is on for Victor and Laura to find the murder weapon before her accomplices do.

The Truth

There is one piece of the puzzle left that Victor and Laura must find.

About Under Suspicion

This is a murder mystery full of family secrets, intrigue and obsession, as the police battle to solve a truly dark and puzzling case. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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