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 We Are All Journalists Now


Click, Like, Share. . . Record, Write, Post.

What is the future and fate of journalism – and our democracy – now that technology gives every citizen the chance to be his or her own broadcast tower?

This special one-hour live webcast will include regional and national experts who provide crucial information to help young people and adults develop critical thinking skills; learn how to authenticate information; improve accuracy and clarity in writing; and distinguish the different types of information they encounter on the internet and in the news media.

 Privacy, Protection, and the Latest Laws Affecting Children and Families an iQsmartparent SPECIAL PRESENTATION


New media technology has given us the means to connect with people around the world . . . but that comes with tremendous benefits and serious risks.

This special one-hour live webcast will include regional and national experts who explore and explain vital information about safety and privacy settings online and they will reveal how predators, cyber-bullies, and marketers evade them. Discover ways to protect your privacy; manage your social media “footprint”; and recognize and report online harassment.


The resourses below are provided to assist member stations in engaging their audience and educational partners. Press releases and eCards can and should be updated to incorporate the member station's branding.

Complete resources will be available January 2018.

Discussion Guides

These downloadable guides contain resources and sample questions to help foster discussion surrounding these webcasts.

Media Literacy in the 21st Century (pdf)

Cyber Safety (pdf)

Social Media Strategy and Assets

These are resources to assits in launching a social media campaign in preparation of the airing of these webcasts.

Media Literacy in the 21st Century (docx)

Customizable Press Releases

eCards and Flyers

Member stations can raise awareness of these webcasts and the events surrounding them by sending these print and digital resources to their members.

Customizable eCard (zip)

Customizable Flyer (zip)