Pittsburgh History Series

25 Things I Like About Pittsburgh

Rick looks at 25 things he likes about Pittsburgh | 1 hour 16 min

Rick celebrates his 25th anniversary at WQED by looking at 25 things he likes about Pittsburgh – not his top 25, just 25 aspects of living here that surprise and delight him and make him happy to be a Pittsburgher.

Another Trip Downtown

Celebrate our city center and make another trip downtown | 28 min

There’s a world-class masterpiece of landscape architecture in downtown Pittsburgh. As well as good hot dogs. And a new grocery store. A brilliantly hilarious new comedy venue. And Harry Houdini used to come to town with all sorts of stunts.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Celebrate the buildings, the history and the people who make up the Golden Triangle | 1 hour

This program celebrates the buildings, the history and the people who make the Golden Triangle an unforgettable urban center.

Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere

People and structures that help make Pittsburgh an unforgettable place | 1 hour

Pittsburgh is often called The City of Bridges, and it’s easy to see why. With three mighty rivers and lots of hills and valleys, the area around this city is the site for many outstanding bridges with innovative and beautiful designs. It’s one-of-a-kind documentary about people and structures that have helped make Pittsburgh such an unforgettable place.

Invented, Engineered & Pioneered in Pittsburgh

Celebrate the accomplishments of some of Pittsburgh’s engineers | 1 hour 30 min

What connects Ferris Wheels with state of the art nuclear power plants? Why is there a connection between George Westinghouse and 21st century robotics? What’s the common thread that links John Roebling, Jonas Salk, the Mellon Arena and video games? It’s Pittsburgh’s amazing love and respect for innovation, great engineering and unfettered imagination. Watch this. You’ll see.

Kennywood Memories

Rollercoasters! French fries! And lots of good times! 1 hour

The WQED classic documentary about Pittsburgh’s premier amusement park! Now with extra material, including rare old Kennywood commercials and historic films as well as some swell seldom-seen special clips from WQED’s archives! Whooooooosh! It’s roller coasters! French fries! And lots of good times!

The Mon the Al the O

A slightly goofy look at the three rivers that help define Pittsburgh | 1 hour

Pittsburgh A to Z

A variety of topics from Amateur Archaeologiests to the Zinging Zaps of Zambelli’s | 1 hour 25 min

This delightful documentary includes twenty-six Amazing, Beautiful, Captivating and Delicious pieces of a great city! The program celebrates (in alphabetical order) a wide variety of topics from Amateur Archaeologists to the Zinging Zaps of the Zambelli’s.

Right Beside the River

A surprising look at our region’s charms | 1 hour 13 min

Some of the stuff that has happened and still happens beside rivers in the Pittsburgh area. From the big mound in Moundsville, WV, to the sweeping curved corners of Vandergrift on the Kiskiminetas River north east of Pittsburgh, it’s a surprising look at our region’s charms.

Something About Oakland

It would be impossible to include everything about this amazing part of town | 1 hour 30 min

It started when Mary Schenley donated land for a beautiful wooded park. Soon Andrew Carnegie built a great library and museums nearby. There was a grand hotel, a spectacular greenhouse, and a beloved old ballpark Forbes Field. We visit the Bug Rooms, the murals and Music Hall at the Carnegie Museums. We race through Schenley Park, stop at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and visit shops along Craig St.

Strip Show

The Strip District is a delicious old neighborhood in Pittsburgh | 1 hour 30 min

On most Saturday mornings, the Strip is one of the best places on earth, full of hungry people, crunchy fruits, snappy vegetables, world-class street food, cool characters and tasty surprises of all sorts. This 1996 documentary is a tour of the Strip including big breakfasts, shopping along Penn Avenue and Smallman Street, warehouses, churches and nightclubs, along with some amazing history.

Underground Pittsburgh

Watch this one in your basement! 1 hour 30 min

Ever wonder what’s below the surface of western Pennsylvania? Come for a hike into Laurel Caverns, investigate the fabled Fourth River, visit the Bug Rooms at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, zip through several tunnels around here, and much more. Watch this one on your basement TV.

A History of Pittsburgh in 17 Objects

A look at 17 objects that together illustrate a timeline of Pittsburgh | 1 hour

Objects can be like keys to the past. Things we decide to keep can be valuable reminders, clues to important as well as personal bits of history. In this documentary special, WQED producer Rick Sebak takes a look at 17 objects that together illustrate a timeline of Pittsburgh from the Fort Pitt Blockhouse to the Three Rivers Bike Racks that are now familiar parts of the city.