Full-Length Programs

Cresson: Remembering Life at the San

One of America’s worst pandemics, tuberculosis – as viewed through the history of a Western Pennsylvania TB sanatorium | 30m

Antibiotic Treatment of Tuberculosis – check out the support materials section for a viewing guide

The Public Health Response – check out the support materials section for a viewing guide

The Discovery That Germs Cause Disease – check out the support materials section for a viewing guide

The Darr Mine Disaster

Pennsylvania’s worst ever mining disaster killed nearly 300 men and boys just south of Pittsburgh – yet very few people know the story | 28m

Safety laws were changed due to the tragedy of Darr Mine. Look into current factories/industries today, what are the different safety measures they take to keep their workers safe?

Why do you think so few people know about the Darr Mine disaster despite it being the worst mining disaster in PA?

Look into industry disasters within the past 10 years, what were some comparisons and contrasts between those versus the Darr Mine Disaster?

Leo Beachy: A Legacy Nearly Lost

The photographer who chronicled rural life in the hills of Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania in the early 1900s | 17m

Leo Beachy’s Photograph Gallery

Look through Leo Beachy’s photos, which one stands out to you? Why?

What’s something you notice about the early 1900s through Leo Beachy’s photos?

Why do you think Leo Beachy took photos of what he did?

One Year in Brownsville

Explores the rise and dramatic fall of a Western Pennsylvania coal town | 28m

Many towns in PA have fallen into economic depression due to the coal industry leaving the area. Reviving towns is a challenging task, how are some towns reviving today?

What does development look like in a community?

Why is it difficult for some communities to get grants and funding to help boost their local economy? Think about location, history, politics, and economics.

Homecoming: Sgt. Hamilton’s Long Journey

The amazing story of recovering American remains from a WW2 plane crash in Germany | 30m

Why is closure important for families?

What shapes our perceptions about what it’s like to go to war?

What shapes our perceptions about the war when it is over?

WWII ended in 1945, how is the war still affecting people today?

Stone Soldiers: Saving the Gettysburg Monuments

Meet those on the front lines to restore and preserve the iconic statues at this hallowed battlefield | 28m

Gettysburg Monuments Website

Pick a monument to learn more about. What is the monument of? What did you learn about the subject of the monument?

A Beacon for Change: The Pittsburgh Courier Story

One of America’s most respected newspapers covering the African American community | 28m

The Courier wanted to empower African Americans economically and politically. How did The Courier do this?

The Courier demonstrated the power of media and news in society. How is the news continuing to influence people today?

Take a look at the New Pittsburgh Courier website. What kind of news stories are being covered? Compare the way the same story is covered in a different Pittsburgh newspaper. Are there any differences?

Vietnam: Another View

Observations of the war – from a different perspective – those of Vietnamese men and women now living in Pittsburgh | 28

Return to the Roots of Civil Rights

A bus tour of some of the iconic stops in our nation’s struggle for civil rights | 28m

Memories of the March: Pittsburgh Stories

Reflections from local men and women who attended the historic 1964 March on Washington, a pivotal event in American civil rights | 28m

The March on Washington | John Lewis: Get in the Way

March on Washington Collection
Lesson Plans

March on Washington Flyers

America’s Arsenal: How Pittsburgh Powered World War II

The people and businesses that led the war effort in the early 1940s | 28m

Pittsburgh’s WWII Photo Album

We Can Do It! WWII: Virtual Tour

Portraits for the Home Front: The Story of Elizabeth Black

A remarkable story of a Pittsburgh artist who sketched soldiers on European battlefields during WW2 | 58m

Portrait Gallery

How do you think families felt when they received portraits of their loved ones who were away at war?

Why do you think Elizabeth Black volunteered to draw the portraits of soldiers?

Stories of the Holocaust

Pittsburgh area survivors and liberators reflect on their experiences during the Holocaust | 28m

Holocaust – firsthand video accounts from five veterans

Mural of the Holocaust Collection

The Good Fight

Profiles of African American men and women who served their country, despite discrimination at home during World War II | 28m

African Americans in WWII – The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

Even though African American men and women faced discrimination and prejudice in America, they wanted to serve their country during World War II. Why do you think these brave individuals did that?

How did WWII contribute to the Civil Rights Movement?