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We interviewed people from various walks of life to find out what exactly they do, and how they landed their job. Explore the video library and find out how people just like you become a barber, a chef, prototype machinist and much more.

Documentaries and Specials

The Growing Field: Future Jobs in Agriculture
More than half of Pennsylvania’s economy is related to agriculture, a space that will need tens of thousands more workers in the coming decade.

Future Jobs: 21st Century Skills
So called “soft skills” are personality traits and behaviors that are key to landing a job and enjoying a successful career. These qualities are timeless and valuable in all fields

Future Jobs: Technology and Our Changing Workforce
Ongoing advancements in technology have drastically changed the workforce of today. From transportation to health care and more, a whole new set of skills is needed for a career in this new economy.

Future Jobs: Starting Over
American workers are looking to “reskill” or “upskill” as they prepare for different careers. This documentary follows several Western Pennsylvanians in various stages of identifying, training, and working in new jobs – all guided by emerging trends in the workforce.

Future Jobs: Opportunity for All
Leaders in workforce development discuss the success and challenges of making sure new career opportunities benefit people in Western Pennsylvania’s underserved communities.

Future Jobs: Growing Our Region’s Workforce
Explore Pittsburgh’s changing workforce needs. Targeting an audience of educators, parents, and students as young as middle school, the program showcases trending and in-demand careers while explaining how young people can prepare early to achieve workforce success.

A WQED Community Initiative

Now entering its fourth year, WQED’s Future Jobs initiative continues to make a significant impact on people throughout the Pittsburgh region. The workforce development project is designed to raise awareness on trending careers – getting that information to students at the earliest possible age.

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Virtual Events

Opportunities in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry has had to adapt, overcome, and evolve over the past few years. Still, it continues to dominate the workforce in many ways. In this Future Jobs Panel discussion, we hear from a wide variety of healthcare professionals. From registered nurses to recruiting specialists, the healthcare industry manages to have something for everyone to try.

Opportunities in Manufacturing

Are you interested in a career that will provide opportunities for growth and advancement? Consider a job in manufacturing!  The field is hot and the need for people is strong. We’ve invited three manufacturing professionals to talk about the possibilities in this exciting field.

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Building the Future

Considering career choices, or looking to get reskilled in the new economy? Join Lynne Hayes-Freeland for this panel discussion. Hear directly from union leaders and construction industry professionals on opportunities in the building trades. Learn what it takes to find rewarding employment in the construction industry.

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Banking & Finance

This is an important and thriving field with a variety of job opportunities. Careers in this sector can be extremely rewarding and satisfying, and can provide you with the foundation for a broad range of future opportunities across banking, consulting, funds management, insurance, and beyond.


The coronavirus pandemic is among many reasons that many people are looking to “reskill” or “upskill” as they prepare for different careers. As part of our Future Jobs Initiative, we are highlighting some of the terrific options that are available in our region.

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