Matthias Pintscher - May 20, 2022

Matthias Pintscher is the guest conductor this weekend with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  He'll conduct Ravel's "Mother Goose" and "Alborada del gracioso," as well as Debussy's "La Mer."   Alexi Kenney will play the Bartok Violin Concerto No. 2.  Matthias talks to WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham about the concert, his recordings and composing and more.  

Dana Bishop-Root - Inside Out - May 20, 2022

Carnegie Museum of Art Director of Education and Public Programs, Dana Bishop-Root, talks about "Inside Out" - CMOA's free outdoor summer event series. Inside Out takes place from Saturday, June 4 through Saturday, August 13 in the museum’s Sculpture Court in an immersive pavilion by artist Rafael Domenech, commissioned for the 58th Carnegie International. Interview with WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham.

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Alexi Kenney - May 20, 2022

Alexi Kenney is the soloist this weekend with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  He'll play the Bartok Violin Concerto No. 2 with guest conductor Matthias Pintscher.  In this conversation with Jim Cunningham, Alexi talks about the concerto, being familiar with the PSO, and more.  

Amanda van Story - May 19, 2022

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center announced that Amanda Van Story will star in the upcoming adaptation of SONG FROM THE UPROAR:  THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF ISABELLE EBERHARDT, the first Black woman to perform in the lead role.   I spoke with Amanda about the challenges and rewards of doing a production produced and led by women. The chamber opera, the premiere work produced in the AWAACC B.U.I.L.D. (Build, Utilize, Inform, Lead, and Develop) program, tells the boundary-breaking life story of Swiss explorer and writer, Isabelle Eberhardt, who traveled to and lived in Algeria disguised as a man, survived an assassination plot and suicide pacts, only to succumb to a desert flood.  Composer Missy Mazzoli with a libretto by Royce Vavrek and Mazzoli.  

Resonance Works Pittsburgh - Rigoletto - May 19, 2022

Resonance Works is thrilled to close its ninth season with a long-awaited production of Giuseppe Verdi’s heartbreaking opera masterpiece "Rigoletto." Vibrating with emotion, "Rigoletto" is a timeless tale about fate and revenge. Rigoletto tries to protect his pure-hearted daughter Gilda, but when she falls for an infamous Duke in disguise, she encounters a treacherous world of privilege and power. This beloved tragedy has been reimagined by acclaimed stage director Mo Zhou, who updates the story to the glamour and sleaze of 1930s Hollywood, bringing Gilda’s experience into sharp focus.

In the studio, Anna Singer spoke with Baritone Andrew Cummings who is taking on the role of Rigoletto, and Venezuelan soprano Maria Brea, making her role and Resonance Works debut as Gilda.  Maria Sensi Sellner - conductor was a part of the conversation.

Maxwell King & Louise Lippincott - May 19, 2022

Maxwell King and Louise Lippincott discuss with Jim Cunningham their book "American Workman: The Life and Art of John Kane," published by the University of Pittsburgh Press in April 2022. The Pittsburgh based artist was self-taught, an outsider from traditional art circles. Kane was a coal miner, steel worker, a house painter and a rail car painter who created beautiful landscape paintings while boxing, drinking too much and working till the end in 1934. Louise retired as Curator at the Carnegie Museum of Art in 2017 and Maxwell enjoyed success with his biography of Fred Rogers after his career at the top of the Heinz and Pittsburgh Foundations and a distinguished career in newspapers including at the Philadelphia Enquirer. The two describe how they got the book underway, the value of Kane paintings today, where they can be found, what  the must see paintings are, why more Pittsburgh art fans don't know him, whether he was the second most famous Pittsburgh based 20th century artist after Andy Warhol with observations on the success of the Fred Rogers book, whether Louise still plans on writing the trashy novel she had in mind after the rich career she enjoyed in the art world, Kane's radio and music listening and the upcoming Kane exhibits at the Heinz History center and elsewhere.