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Episode 1

Ida is CFO in one of Norway’s biggest law firms.

Episode 2

Ida warns the other leaders in the firm.

Episode 3

A shaken Ida discusses things with her brother-in-law and lawyer.

Episode 4

Ida knows it's just a matter of time before Eirik realizes that she's the whistle-blower.

Episode 5

Aida keeps digging and finds that Ida must be the police source.

Episode 6

After Ida’s public confession the pressure hardens on Norway’s Minister of Justice.

Episode 7

Ida and her allies realize that Nordeide’s passing has changed everything.

Episode 8

The police investigation might be dead, but Ida’s case isn’t.

About Witch Hunt

Ida Waage is a dynamic woman, working as the CFO at a prestigious law firm. One day, she alerts her executive board to a potential criminal scandal, but to her shock, they turn on her, and look to discredit her. Will her determination to fight back and do the right thing put herself, and everyone she loves, in grave danger? From Walter Presents, in Norwegian with English subtitles.

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