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Episode 1

Elena has left before, but never for long. Where is she? Why hasn’t she come back?

Episode 2

Chiara confronts the neighbors, accusing them of leaving horrible notes around the house.

Episode 3

Having found Elena's body, Silvia and Chiara try to piece together what happened.

Episode 4

Roberto and Chiara take the kids out to a place they’ve been before – with Elena.

Episode 5

The evidence is mounting, and all signs point to Roberto.

Episode 6

After receiving a cryptic letter, Chiara’s own investigation leads to a man called Nicola.

Episode 7

Chiara turns down the opportunity to be a partner to focus on proving Roberto's innocence.

Episode 8

Nicola claims that Elena is still alive – that he saw her after they'd found her body.

Episode 9

Roberto and Chiara must tell Giulio that Roberto is not his biological father.

Episode 10

Roberto's trial gets off to a shaky start. Can the twins put the past behind them?

Episode 11

DNA results for Giulio's biological dad have come in – and he's summoned to the courtroom.

Episode 12

Roberto is acquitted, found innocent of murdering Elena. The story is far from over.

About Two Sisters

Chiara, a brilliant lawyer living single and childless in Rome, must step in when her niece and nephews are left alone. Chiara’s estranged sister Elena has disappeared before, but this time feels different. Now, it up to Chiara to return home and look after them--and to defend them from the unsympathetic locals. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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