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A two-year-old is missing. Is it a basic kidnap case, or is there more than meets the eye?

Calling Card

A nightclub owner was assaulted, his sister found in a coma, and a body found in an alley.

Hard Target

The team is on the hunt for a serial rapist. There’s a suspect. Will his alibi hold up?


Terminally ill Terence wants to end his suffering. But was it euthanasia, or murder?

Eyes Closed

A girl is stabbed but manages to flag down a cab. Why didn’t the driver call the police?

About Suspects

DI Martha Bellamy, DS Jack Weston and DC Charlie Steele tackle hard-hitting cases ranging from the abduction of a two-year old child to an attempted murder that’s been made to look like assisted suicide. The team also investigates the source of a batch of deadly drugs, the gang-rape of a 13-year-old girl, and the hunt for a serial rapist.

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