Stop Saving the Planet?

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How Companies Pollute More While "Staying Green" - Individuals, companies and governments “offset” carbon emissions by paying to plant trees or fund solar panels in one place, so they can emit them elsewhere. Carbon credits are exchanged in the open market with the idea that carbon prices will go up – forcing companies to emit less. Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant looks at why carbon offsets may not solve the climate crisis. Based on the book by Jenny Price.

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About Stop Saving the Planet?

Western cultures typically share the idea that there are two worlds: the “natural world” which is pristine and untouched, and the “human world” which is chaotic and changing. But all living things change the world around them to build homes, eat, and move. Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant explores how humans can think differently about the way we change the world around us. Based on the book by Jenny Price.