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A Message from the Deep Sea

John Neville stars as R. Austin Freeman’s brilliant forensic expert Dr. John Thorndyke.

The Missing Witness Sensation

Private detective Max Carrados (Robert Stephens) has vital evidence in a violent robbery.

The Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle & Tyre Co. Ltd

Peter Vaughan stars as Arthur Morrison’s notorious villain Horace Dorrington.

The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds

To help safeguard the Wiltshire Diamonds, the Duke calls in Simon Carne (Roy Dotrice).

The Horse of the Invisible

Donald Pleasence plays ghost hunter Carnacki, who must prevent the next family tragedy.

The Case of the Mirror of Portugal

Horace Dorrington (Peter Vaughan) is hired to steal a large diamond but has other ideas.

Madame Sara

Dixon Druce and Insp. Vandeleur investigate an heiress’ death.

The Case of the Dixon Torpedo

Ronald Hynes stars as PI Jonathan Pryde in this tale of Victorian espionage.

The Woman in the Big Hat

Elvi Hale stars as Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, who happens upon a daytime murder.

The Affair of the Tortoise

Martin Hewitt confronts the death of a pet tortoise and a missing corpse.

The Assyrian Rejuvenator

Romney Pringle (Donald Sinden), a con man at heart, investigates the Assyrian Rejuvenator.

The Ripening Rubies

Private detective Sutton (Robert Lang) follows a trail of stolen jewelry and murder.

The Case of Laker, Absconded

Martin Hewitt is on the hunt for a trusted clerk who absconded with 15,000 pounds.

About The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

This series brings to life the many detectives of late Victorian London who were "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes," from R. Austin Freeman’s brilliant forensic expert Dr. John Thorndyke to Arthur Morrison’s notorious villain, private inquiry agent Horace Dorrington, William Hope Hodgson’s world-famous ghost hunter Carnacki and Baroness Orczy’s detective Lady Molly of Scotland Yard.

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