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Episode 1

A worker gets killed by a slab of marble, igniting the rift between rich and poor.

Episode 2

Brando's antics get his dismissed from the quarry.

Episode 3

Brando discovers a spy that could leave his plan dead in the water.

Episode 4

Brando hatches a plan to uncover the spy and has unexpected encounter with Mrs. Corradi.

Episode 5

Brando refuses to sell his sculpture to the Corradis, and his sister desires to be a chef.

Episode 6

Silvia gets caught in the protests and is taken away before Brando can help.

Episode 7

After releasing Brando, the quarry owners try to undermine the workers with a low offer.

Episode 8

After learning that Brando has tuberculosis, Silvia seeks out a doctor to cure him.

Episode 9

A suspicious Corrado tails Silvia to Switzerland, where she tries to get Brando help.

Episode 10

Silvia confesses to Corrado about her relationship with Brando.

Episode 11

Brando is sent to the Swiss clinic and begins his treatment – under false pretenses.

Episode 12

Brando begins to settle in at the clinic. In Carrara, the political race has just begun.

About Love and Sacrifice

Set against the striking backdrop of the Carrara marble quarries, this is the story of Brando and his revolt to improve working conditions across Italy. Will love blind him from his mission, or embolden him to push further? From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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