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The Future

November 1918 - October 1919: Albert Plesman and Anthony Fokker meet in Amsterdam.

The Rules of the Game

May 1920 - October 1920: Plesman realizes that his ideal of civil aviation is at risk.

Stand Alone

August 1925 - October 1925: Fokker moves to the US and Plesman invests in a prototype.


October 1929 - April 1930: 1929’s stock market crash hits both Plesman and Fokker.

New Year's Eve

October 1933 - January 1934: When Fokker’s new plane fails, Plesman must fly a slower one.

The Uiver

September 1934 - October 1934: Plesman wants to launch the new DC-2 into a great air race.

Disaster Week

July 1935 - August 1935: Fokker and Plesman blame each other for the frequent crashes.


August 1939 - January 1940: Our duo is brought back together by the Dutch government.

About King of the Skies

United only by their passion for flying, two totally different men quarrel for over twenty years. But can they work together to stop the coming war? From Walter Presents, in Dutch with English subtitles.

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