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Episode 1

Magistrate Saverio Barone denounces his boss for collusion with the mafia.

Episode 2

Saverio flies to Switzerland intent on recovering Don Luchino’s dirty money.

Episode 3

An unexpected killing gives Saverio a lead on Mico Farinella,

Episode 4

Saverio’s investigation closes in on Don Luchino’s ally.

Episode 5

Saverio is desperate for a breakthrough and it comes in the guise of one of Serena.

Episode 6

Barbagallo confesses and becomes the key to the investigation.

Episode 7

Tony embarks on a new business venture.

Episode 8

While Saverio and Mazza stake out Di Filippo’s hideout, Don Luchino orders a murder.

Episode 9

Tony asks Don Luchino his plans for their future.

Episode 10

With Tony and Bagarella now under arrest, Brusca’s moment has arrived.

Episode 11

5 months later, Saverio is now engaged to be married, but still searching for Di Matteo.

Episode 12

With the escape plan off and Brusca in charge, Saverio is unable to resist meeting Raja

About The Hunter

Italy and the mafia were at war in the early 1990s. Saverio Barone, a determined young prosecutor, steps in to fight for the innocents caught up in the carnage. Based on a true story. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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