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This is a web site developed by one of my fellow Vietnam soldier. Scroll down and one will find my Brinton Motheral name and there is a list of the Super 8 videos I took while with The 45th Surgical Hospital (MUST) in Tay Ninh, west of Saigon on the Cambodian border. It was the smallest American hospital in the world. We had 6 female nurses on a base camp of 1200. Just like MASH on TV!! The nurses were treated like queens and the female nurses were so much better under pressure than men. I made a nice donation to the nurses’ statue on the mall in DC in honor of these wonderful women.

There is one video that shows how small and young the Cambodian mercenary soldiers are and another of the memorial service for 28-year-old Captain Sosnowski, the first American doctor killed in Vietnam when our hospital was hit with a Chinese rocket. A picture of the exploded rocket in the ground is in the video.

There is a video of the three block long “downtown” area of Tay Ninh.I have gone online and have seen how it looks today with its Modernization. Good ones from R and R in Thailand too!

I liked the country, climate, history, architecture and especially the people. The Vietnamese loved Americans and still do. I have wanted to go back and 15-20 years ago I heard that Tour De France winner American Greg LeMond had organized a bike tour from Hanoi to Saigon and wanted to join, but could not find the info. I even called the Vietnam Embassy.

I can recall the second day in country as a 20-year-old asking “Why are we here? Every “reason” I have heard throughout the years “carried no water”, especially the Domino one. God bless.

Brinton Motheral
Pittsburgh, PA