The following stories and pictures were submitted to WQED from individuals in the Pittsburgh region.
We encourage you to share your stories and pictures as well.

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My brother Tom was killed...

I was a helicopter pilot...

Intercepted the enemy's radio communications...

Was this not told?

The Memories Return: Vietnam!

First Visit to The Wall

What's in a Name?

We lost because of "dirty politics"

Within 15 minutes... nine of my squad members were killed

We were mortared every couple of nights

I wrote a course on Vietnam called “To Teach a Nation"

May 1970, I was severely wounded in a road ambush

July 29th there was a disastrous fire on the Forrestal

Most of "my story" happened on Vung Chua Mountain....

Pictures from the war

Our ship flew the last combat air operations against North Vietnam

The American people lost the war, not us...

As our plane landed at Danang AFB in darkness, we started to take rocket fire....

I was a radioman with Lima Company Third Battalion Third Marines....

...Super 8 videos I took while with the 45th Surgical Hospital in Tay Ninh...



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