Most of “my story” in Vietnam happened on an isolated strategic signal relay site in the Central Highlands, Vung Chua Mountain, about 2,000 ft. above the South China Sea overlooking the coastal city of Qui Nhon. In late ’68, as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Signal Corps, I served there as Executive Officer of Co. D, 41st Signal Battalion through the end of my tour in June, ’69. We were the Command Company that provided support to Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force units based there providing uhf, vhf and microwave communications.

Many with whom I served were reassigned to The Mountain to replace those who fought off a major Viet Cong sapper platoon attack on the site through the early morning of August 12th, ’68, resulting in the loss of two American lives. I am grateful to all with whom I served for being able to perform their technical tasks so well, while assuming guard duty around our more than two mile perimeter. I am also indebted to the men of the Infantry and Military Police units who provided primary guard responsibility and man the 81MM mortar battery to assure security for all of us.

As a young, inexperienced Reserve Officer I was completely dependent on all with whom I served and would welcome the opportunity to personally thank any out there with whom I shared this experience.

Tony Indovina
Squirrel Hill, PA