Pennsylvania Primary: A WQED Town Hall Meeting with the NewsHour

While Pennsylvania presidential campaigns usually begin in Philadelphia, they don't end there. What do these candidates know about our region? What do we want them to know? What can they do to make it better? The Newshour and WQED will host a town hall meeting along with a guest panel to discuss the Pennsylvania Primary.

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Series: OnQ

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Original airdate: Apr 04, 2006

Jim McDowell, of Johnstown, makes ugly face jugs. OnQ explores the history behind them.

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OnQ introduces you to a woman who once was a bariatric surgery candidate who became pro-active in her weight loss and achieve a more than 100 pound weight loss after working with a nutrition counselor.

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OnQ profiles the Pittsburgh mother of a nine year old boy diagnosed with autism at age 3, and reports on two University of Pittsburgh studies aimed at helping healthcare providers diagnose autism earlier.

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