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Holy Pittsburgh!

Rick Sebak takes you on a tour of some of the city’s most memorable houses of worship.

It's Pittsburgh: I Think Santa Will Like the Sled

It's a holiday program! Light Up Night! Interesting old photos! Brightly decorated houses!

It's Pittsburgh: Gingerbread Lane

It's a giant sort-of-Victorian holiday village covered in candy! It's Gingerbread Lane.

25 Things I Like About Pittsburgh

Rick looks at 25 things he likes about Pittsburgh.

Another Trip Downtown

Celebrate our city center and make another trip downtown.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Celebrate the buildings, the history and the people who make the Golden Triangle.

Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere

People and structures that have helped make Pittsburgh such an unforgettable place

A History of Pittsburgh in 17 Objects

Rick takes a look at 17 objects that together illustrate a timeline of Pittsburgh.

Invented Engineered & Pioneered In Pittsburgh

This documentary celebrates the accomplishments of some of Pittsburgh’s engineers.

Kennywood Memories

It’s roller coasters! French fries! And lots of good times!

The Mon the Al and the O

A slightly goofy look at the three rivers that help define Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Diners and Other Roadside Restaurants

Take a look at several of the most interesting diners in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Road Show

Surprising places, friendly people, and lots of unforgettable roadside attractions

Pittsburgh A to Z

A variety of topics from Amateur Archaeologists to the Zinging Zaps of the Zambelli's.

Right Beside the River

A surprising look at our region's charms.

Something About Oakland

It would be impossible to include everything about this amazing part of town.

Strip Show

The Strip District is a delicious old neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

Underground Pittsburgh

Watch this one in your basement.

About Pittsburgh History Series

An entertaining and informative look at Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania from Rick Sebak.

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