Rita Costanzi – Amoroso

Former Chicago Symphony Principal Oboe, ALex Klein, joins with former Vancouver Symphony Principal Harp Rita Costanzi for a new CD named Amoroso. It features Debussy. Faure, Massenet, Piazzola, de Falla,Rachmaninoff, Rodrigo and Michael Cohen with Michael Amorosi. It’s an hour plus of contemplative music that seems right for the post pandemic, war torn, politically charged world of today. Rita explains how it happened and what she and Alex have done in South America to bring the harp to the continent starting in Brazil. In addition, Rita has a long time connection to Pittsburgh Symphony Principal Harp Gretchen van Hoesen through their work as young musicians at the Eastman School and she know Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University professor Charles Stegeman having worked together a lot at the Sunflower Music Festival. In this conversation with Jim Cunningham she talks about the new Navona CD and her hopes for a better world.”