Brad Meltzer

New York Times bestselling author of adult thrillers and children’s picture books, Brad Meltzer, is back to discuss his latest Ordinary People Change the World book. Released on January 9th, I Am Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is the 32nd book in the series marking 10 years since the first book was published in the series. I am Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with illustrations by Christopher Eliopoulos, follows the story of a young Jewish girl growing up in Brooklyn who became a trailblazing advocate of justice in her pursuit to make the world a more just place for everyone to live in. Brad discusses how Ordinary People Change the World was first published, his personal connection to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the next book he is working on. Visit your local bookstore or online to find Brad Meltzer’s, I am Ruth Bader Ginsburg.