Author Cal Thomas

The author of Decoy and A Stradivari Affair , Cal Thomas, will read from his thrillers and sign them at Mystery Lovers Bookshop on February 6, 2019 at 7:00pm. Cal was a native of Oakmont for twenty years and the Vice President of International Production at WQED. His work in military intelligence and love of travel figure into his writing, as well as his experience as the Manager of the Bangor Maine Symphony Orchestra. In Decoy, a Harvard grad studying at Cambridge winds up in a jihadist plot starting with an attempt to blow up a London bus. Alan Durant befriends an American opera star (inspired by Grace Bumbry) and through many twists and turns Kyle McBride, the central figure of Thomas’ writing, saves the day. A Stradivari Affair is based on events surrounding the Huberman Stradivarius which is played today by Joshua Bell. European atmosphere, action, explosions, television industry insider detail and lots of good meals in interesting places give considerable color to both novels.