WQED and Giant Eagle Present Community Champions

We see them every day and we feel their impact. They devote their time, talents and resources to making this world a better place for all of us. In a unique collaboration, Giant Eagle and WQED have teamed up to recognize some of the people and organizations in our region who are dedicated to making a difference.

What Makes A Community Champion?

The Community Champions initiative will feature change-makers whose commitment, passion, and leadership are improving the lives of individuals and the well-being of our communities. Each month, we will feature a video profile of a person and/or organization who exemplifies outstanding spirit and commitment in their chosen field.


September 2023 Community Champion


Acheiva is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities. Through their family of organizations, they provide invaluable resources in employment, housing, early intervention, special needs trusts and family support. Achieva advocates with, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives. To learn more, visit www.achieva.info

Jack Butler
Jack Butler
Director, Person-Centered Supports
Achieva’s Offices
Achieva’s Offices
Pittsburgh South Side Neighborhood
Achieva Team Workers
Achieva Team Workers
Allies Logo
Achieva Logo

July 2023 Community Champion

Allies For Health + Wellbeing

Allies for Health + Wellbeing opened its medical clinic in 2017, with a mission to provide integrated medical care, supportive services and community based education for individuals living with or at risk of HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections. Through shared values of community, accountability, quality, engagement and respect, Allies for Health envisions a healthier community where all individuals receive care free of stigma and discrimination.

For more information visit www.alliespgh.org

Podcast: Sean DeYoung

Original airdate 
Aug 29, 2023

CEO of Allies for Health and Wellbeing, Sean DeYoung, discusses how Allies offers testing and care for those living with HIV, Hepatitis C, and STD's, as well as LGTBQ+ and gynecological care in the Pittsburgh community. Sean also discusses their award as a 2023 WQED and Giant Eagle Community Champion. Visit https://www.alliespgh.org/ for more information about their services and volunteering.

Sean DeYoung
Sean DeYoung, MSW, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer, Allies For Health + Wellbeing
Penn Ave, East Liberty
Penn Avenue, East Liberty
Allies staff and volunteers
Allies staff and volunteers
Allies Logo


June 2023 Community Champion

Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is the perfect setting for exploring our area’s natural beauty and biodiversity. It inspires and educates visitors with its displays of regional plants, pollinator gardens, lush woodlands and innovative design. The Botanic Garden is a thriving tribute to the value of environmental restoration, sustainability and immersive learning. To learn more visit pittsburghbotanicgarden.org

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Staff and Volunteers

A spring day at the Botanic Gardens

Touring the Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens


May 2023 Community Champion

Tammy Thompson and Catapult Greater Pittsburgh

Tammy Thompson, Executive Director, Catapult Greater Pittsburgh

Catapult Greater Pittsburgh Staff

Podcast: Tammy Thompson

An interview with Tammy Thompson, Executive Director of Catapult Greater Pittsburgh, a non-profit organization committed to eradicating generational and trauma built poverty in the Pittsburgh area through wealth building, and emergency resources. Tammy is a 2023 Giant Eagle Community Champion. 

Tammy Thompson, Executive Director, Catapult of Greater Pittsburgh, is a veteran in the battle for economic justice and independence for women and families of color. Catapult Greater Pittsburgh works to clear pathways to economic sustainability in several ways: They help strengthen diverse communities through financial literacy, entrepreneurial training and mentoring and support for business ownership. They help to overcome food insecurity by working in the community and partnering with area organizations. And Catapult revitalizes neighborhoods through reducing barriers to home ownership, peer-to-peer support and asset building. For more information on Catapult, visit them at catapultpittsburgh.org.


April 2023 Community Champion

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Charlese McKinney, Chief Program Officer

GPCFB staff members Phylliss Johnson, Charlese McKinney, Kelly Schlick and Callie Robinson

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has excelled at providing food for the regions neighbors since 1980. Fighting to end hunger in western PA from their Duquesne headquarters, their work goes beyond the sourcing and delivery of food. The Food Bank works with 1000-plus partners over 11 counties driving anti-hunger initiatives, improving nutrition and stabilizing lives. For more information on GPCFB, visit them at pittsburghfoodbank.org


WQED and Giant Eagle Present Community Champions 2023: a collaboration that celebrates and supports people and organizations who are doing good in our communities.