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The Forsyte Saga

Episode 5

Fleur breaks the news to Soames that she is in love with Jon. Eventually Soames agrees to see Irene and tell her of the wedding. Irene opposes any marriage vows but says that it will rest with Jon. A scuffle ensues between Soames and Jon, which ends with Irene asking the emotional Soames to leave. Jon is shaken by what has just happened. Will he ever get blessing for his marriage to Fleur?

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Episode 4

Fleur arrives at Jon's cottage. Soames confronts Annette, but she is unrepentant.

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Epsiode 3

Jon and Fleur travel home together. Meanwhile, Soames has plans for Fleur--a house party.

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Episode 2

Soames arranges a weekend party for Fleur and they travel to London for new clothes.

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