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Why Have UFOs Gained Mainstream Traction?

Meets members of the UFO community to find out why UFOs gained mainstream traction.

How These Skaters in Central Park Kept Roller Skating Alive

Roller skating is making a comeback! Meet the Central Park Dance Skaters.

Unwrapping ASMR: Can Sound Triggers Help You Relax?

Come explore the world of ASMR and learn more about this audible fascination.

I Went Clubbing in Virtual Reality: Raves of the Metaverse

Meet the creatives that invented an underground dance scene in the metaverse.

How Did Anime Go From Geek to Cool?

Experience the anime fandom, cosplay, and how the genre suddenly became so cool.

How Is the Gay Rodeo Different?

Learn about the origins of the gay rodeo, the fierce competition and its future.

This Blind Gamer Teaches Me to Play Mortal Kombat

Carlos Vasquez is a blind Mortal Kombat player that is changing video games.

About Subcultured

Subcultured is an original documentary series that sheds a well-deserved light on the lesser-known subcultures that inspire and influence mainstream culture today, from gamers with disabilities to the cowboys and cowgirls of the gay rodeo. Filmmaker Josef Lorenzo explores the origins of different subcultures and what makes those communities unique and important spaces.

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