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Hawai'i - Patricia Lei Murray is a passionate advocate for preserving and sharing the culture of Hawai'i, her native island home. She is a master quilter, threading a deep devotion to ancestry, tradition, and Ohana into her work. Driven by an abiding connection to the ocean, mountains, and skies, Patricia says that being Hawaiian is her pulse.

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  • Hawai'i

    Patricia, a master quilter and culture advocate, says that being Hawaiian is her pulse.

  • Arizona

    LaVona was born on the same day Arizona became a state – tying their identities together.

  • New Mexico

    Dedicated to the Navajo Nation people, Floyd has witnessed their struggles and dualities.

  • Oklahoma

    Narrowly surviving a tornado, Chuck was determined to rebuild his home on the same plot.

  • Utah

    Living near Utah's Arches National Park, Daniel believes that wherever we are is our home.

  • Wyoming

    Like many in Jackson, Wyoming, Sven balances paying the bills and pursuing the next peak.

  • Idaho

    Residing in Idaho most of his life, Mexico-born Evaristo lives between two cultures.

  • Washington

    With a thriving berry farm in Washington, Mohinder is now helping other Sikh farmers.

  • Montana

    Dave's insight into Montana's past allows him to observe rapid evolution in the present.

  • Nebraska

    In music, Dereck no longer seeks permission to belong in his white Nebraska community.

  • Nevada

    In Nevada's desert, Clay is healing from his son's suicide through public service.

  • West Virginia

    Hanna negotiates talking with her West Virginia neighbors and their opposing ideologies.

  • Oregon

    With a multicultural family, I-Shüan's priority is to live in diversity embracing Oregon.

  • Minnesota

    In her small Minnesota town, Kathy has found hidden charms and meaning at every turn.

  • Wisconsin

    Hmong refugee Xong is determined to help the younger generation stay connected.

  • Iowa

    Beth's music brings people together to dance in a scene of pageantry and unity in Iowa.

  • Missouri

    After a life-changing illness, Sarah is building a new type of homestead in Missouri.

  • Maine

    Nancy pursues her life's purpose of bringing laughter, joy and umbrella covers in Maine.

  • Illinois

    Nathan finds the sense of belonging and contentment he had been searching for in Chicago.

  • Indiana

    Born and bred Hoosier Randy explains the value he places on his sense of belonging.

  • Vermont

    Kelly built a house in Vermont to give her family a connection to a place she never had.

  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island native Jack believes the people you spend your life with can inspire you.

  • North Carolina

    Paul's dream of owning a home came true, but moved from North Carolina to to pay for it.

  • New York

    Karen loves her New York community and the people she gets to meet when volunteering.

  • Virginia

    As a quadriplegic, Virginia's wheelchair accessible taxis allow Daniel to be spontaneous.

  • New Hampshire

    After moving to New Hampshire from Kentucky, Lisa embraced her north-south heritage.

  • Maryland

    Reinventing himself, Chris dedicates his life to an underserved community in Baltimore.

  • Massachusetts

    A native Californian, Doug believes one may make a place your home simply by choosing it.

  • Connecticut

    Originally from St. Vincent, Joyce became a matriarch in her Connecticut neighborhood.

About States of America

In the United States, you may have been born in one state or even in a different country. You may go to school or work in another community, and then move somewhere else by choice or circumstance. What is it that ties us to these places and makes us call them home? And how does our state affect who we are and how we identify ourselves?