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Mushrooms, Weakness and Doubt

Poems by Sylvia Plath and Kay Ryan take the peripheral status of the fungal kingdom as an invitation to consider the scientific knowns and unknowns, and cultural significance, of mushrooms. Microbial ecologist Serita Frey, chef Gabrielle Hamilton, plant pathologist Barry Pryor, health advocate Dr. Andrew Weil, writers Maria Popova and Maria Pinto, and journalist Frank Bruni join host Elisa New.

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Play hooky with Frank O’Hara’s “Lunch Poems.” Poets and NYC-lovers join host Elisa New.

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Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper

Poet Martín Espada worked manufacturing legal pads, and the job is burned into his memory.

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Emperor of Ice Cream, Motive for Metaphor

Murray Bartlett, Laurie Santos, and more guests join Elisa New to read Wallace Stevens.

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