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Watch a Protective Mother Hippo Guard Her Baby

Weighing only 4% as much as an adult, a baby hippo is completely dependent on its mother.

Hippos Fight Off Hungry Birds

During the dry season, water runs low and many hippos are forced to share the same pool.

Hippos Battle Lions and Hyenas Over Carcass

The scent of a decaying hippo attracts all sorts of predators to the hippo's ground.

Inside NATURE – Hippos: Africa's River Giants

Follow director Brad Bestelink as he captures the lives of hippos in detail.

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Wild Florida

Discover the wildlife of Florida and how experts are battling threats to its ecosystems.

The Whale Detective

Follow filmmaker Tom Mustill as he investigates his traumatic encounter with a whale.

Spend An Hour in Snowy Yellowstone | Sights & Sounds

Sit back, relax, and experience the animals, landscapes, and awe of Yellowstone.

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