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Oceans | Animals with Cameras

Get a first-person look at the lives of ocean creatures like sharks, turtles and gannets.

Growing Up | Born in the Rockies

Young animals face new challenges as winter envelopes the Rocky Mountains.

First Steps | Born in the Rockies

From spring to summer, follow new animal mothers through the trials of raising a family.

The Elephant and the Termite

Elephants and termites create lifesaving waterholes for thousands of other creatures.

Season of the Osprey

Follow the struggles, failures and triumphs of a single osprey family.

My Garden of a Thousand Bees

Discover the diverse species and personalities of bees who live in a British urban garden.

About Nature

NATURE brings the beauty and wonder of the natural world into your home, becoming in the process the benchmark for natural history programs.

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