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Host Peggy Sagers teaches useful techniques for a neat neckline and a perfect zipper.


Master tailor Nataliya Desheva demonstrates a few tips of altering a formal dress.


Explore the numerous types of sewing machines and types of stitching.


Guests, who have never sewn, are taught on set how to make their own clothes.


Guest Eumir Vargas demonstrates the sublimation printing process.


Peggy walks us through the construction of 3 basic sleeve designs.


Host Peggy Sagers explains how to sew pants for a perfect fit.


Peggy demonstrates how a dress form will improves your fitting process.

About Fit 2 Stitch

Join host Peggy Sagers as she explores a multitude of fabrics from around the world and teaches viewers how to "weave" these fabrics into their personal lives.

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