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Why Prometheus Risked Everything For Humans

Prometheus was a wily Titan who made the ultimate sacrifice for human progress.

Music of the Gods

In many mythologies, music is associated with explosions of life and bursts of creativity.

The Many Gods of Yoruba Lore

We learn about about the deities and spirits of Yoruba lore.

Gaia: The Mother of Creation

As Greek mythology’s original Mother Earth, it was often Gaia’s burden to save the world.

Valkyries: The Real Story Behind These Warriors of Legend

We explore this group of powerful but mysterious women: the Valkyries.

Chinnamasta: The Headless Goddess of Self-Sacrifice

She teaches us about giving and receiving, self-preservation and sacrifice.

How Mountains Inspire Mythology

Home to deities, sacred grounds, and phenomena, mountains loom large in our imagination.

About Fate & Fabled

Join Dr. Moiya McTier & Emily Zarka and dig into the stories and characters of ancient mythologies to explore why such tales were crafted, and investigate mythology’s influence on humanity.

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