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Trickster Gods and the Mortals Who Love Them

Loki, Maui and other Trickster Gods of lore, used their mischief to teach humans humility.

How Sun Mythologies Are Universal

The Sun plays a central role in nearly all world mythologies.

Persephone: Bringer of Life or Destruction?

We explore the dark side of the magnificent mother and daughter duo Demeter and Persephone

Why Aren't Angels Scary Anymore?

Where did the angel archetypes come from and why?

What Constellations Mean to Different Cultures

Here we explore some of the messages people have seen in the stars.

How Isis Brought Her True Love Back From the Dead

Their story is one of the oldest known myths known to man.

Why Are Cats Mythology’s Most Popular Creatures?

Cats play many roles in culture and myth...but why?

The Fates: Greek Mythology's Most Powerful Deities

In our first episode, we examine the Fates!

About Fate & Fabled

Join Dr. Moiya McTier & Emily Zarka and dig into the stories and characters of ancient mythologies to explore why such tales were crafted, and investigate mythology’s influence on humanity.

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