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Abseiling Into a Sinkhole

Steve’s journey in Oman begins with British climbers Hazel Findlay and John Arran.

Steve’s Three-Day Climb

Steve joins Hazel and John as they inspect their climb, which will take three days.

Wildlife at Cliff Camp

Steve takes the opportunity to explore the cliff camp.

Dhofar Mountains

The deserts of southern Oman are home to one of the most elusive big cats on Earth.

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Expedition Unpacked: No Turning Back

We unpack the moments that very nearly stopped the Expedition teams in their tracks.

Expedition Unpacked: Close Encounters

We unpack close encounters with creatures that were awe-inspiring and fear inducing.

Expedition Unpacked: Teamwork

We unpack the story of the world class teams behind five of our world-first expeditions.

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