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Episode Clips

Preparing for the First Cave Dive

Steve prepares for his first training dive and tests out his equipment.

Steve’s Training Dive

Cave diver Bernadette Carrion van Rijn takes Steve on a training dive.

Discovering a Cenote

Aldo and Steve trek through the jungle and come across a cenote.

Scuba Diving in an Unexplored Cave

Steve joins expert underwater cave explorer Robbie Schmittner for a cave dive.

Cave Diving Katy

Meet Katy Fraser, an underwater camera operator.

More Episodes

Borneo – Dark Shadow

Follow Steve Backshall into a Bornean cave system.

Bhutan – White Water

Join Steve Backshall on his quest to kayak the last unrun river in Bhutan.

Mexico - Maya Underworld

Return to Mexico with Steve Backshall as he discovers Mayan secrets in subterranean caves.

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