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Episode 3 | Steered by the Unconscious

The unconscious brain picks up on sexual cues without you even being aware of it.

Episode 3 | Different People, Different Paths

How our genes and our environment send brains off in very different trajectories.

Episode 3 | Ian Waterman’s Inspiring Story

Imagine if you couldn't control your body without extraordinary effort.

Episode 3 | David Takes on a World Champion

Austin Naber is a world-record holder in cup stacking. How will David fare against him?

Episode 3 | The Role of Consciousness

The unconscious brain is making some decisions on our behalf. So why are we conscious?

Episode 3 | What If We Have No Free Will?

Using a tank of ping pong balls, David demonstrates why we don’t need to worry.

More Episodes

How Do I Decide?

A journey through the unseen world of decisions, and how they get made.

Why Do I Need You?

How the human brain depends on other brains to thrive and survive.

Who will we Be?

Journey into the future and ask what’s next for the human brain, and for our species.

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