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What ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Means to This Gay Veteran - Janessa Goldbeck was an out, queer woman when she joined the Marines. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was still in place, forcing her to hide her true self from others. After its official repeal, she was able to bring her authentic self to her service and help educate others about LGBTQ issues. She kept the DADT contract as a reminder that pushing for change goes hand in hand with being a patriot.

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About American Veteran: Keep It Close

American Veteran: Keep it Close delves into the Veteran experience by exploring the significance of objects that veterans carried with them or brought back home from their service. Hosted by Shain Brenden, a former medic in the US Navy who served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marines, the series asks what these objects meant, and why they still matter today.