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Twyla Tharp: Inside Look

Twyla Tharp provide an inside look at the way she approaches her work.

How does Twyla Tharp create new dances?

Twyla Tharp's creative process is very physical.

The time Twyla Tharp setup a performance in Central Park

Archival footage shows one of Twyla Tharp's dances in Central Park amongst the public.

The time Twyla Tharp pushed David Byrne to his limits

In 1981, Twyla Tharp commissioned David Byrne of the Talking Heads to write music for her.

Tharp and Baryshnikov's "totally unexpected" collaboration

The collaboration was "lightening in a bottle," according to Tharp.

Twyla Tharp's very valuable college decision

How Tharp directed her own education at Barnard College.

What's it like choreographing a dance for Zoom?

Tharp discovers a technical challenge that makes choreographing virtually even harder.

Twyla Tharp's Famous 'Eight Jelly Roll' Dance

'Eight Jelly Rolls' was one of Twyla Tharp's first music-inspired choreographed dances.

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