WQED travels through the Pittsburgh region to find stories that boast a bundle – in factories, offbeat museums, quirky collections and more. The documentary features Pinball Perfection’s giant treasure of pinball machines, Dellalo’s, a massive importer and distributor of olives, Bicycle Heaven with the world’s largest bicycle museum and shop, St. Anthony’s Chapel, home to the largest collection of relics outside of the Vatican, and Pymatuning State Park spillway’s jaw-dropping carp population.

Bicycle Heaven
From rare to funky, Bicycle Heaven has the bike you grew up with and over 3200 more bikes to see, from a rare 1863 Boneshaker to a valuable $40,000 Bowden. Oh, and if your chain comes off your bike, they can fix that too!

St. Anthony’s Chapel
Saint Anthony Chapel is home to the largest collection of relics in the world outside of the Vatican. Carole Brueckner gives a tour of over 5000 relics of the saints.

From olive grove to olive bar, Delallo’s processes millions of olives a day and ships to grocery stores coast to coast. Anthony DiPietro shows us the 84 varieties of olives to choose from at Delallo’s Italian Marketplace.

Pymatuning Lake, Carp at Spillway
One of the best known locations in Pymatuning is the spillway, an area where the fish are so plentiful that the “ducks walk on the fishes’ backs” to compete for the food fed by the visitors.

Pinball Perfection
Pinball Perfection is home to one of the largest collection of pinball machines in the nation. Games from the 1930’s and up are museum quality and sure to entertain.