The Tamburitzans exist to preserve and celebrate international cultural heritages through artistic performance, while awarding talented performers with scholarships to Pittsburgh-based universities for their contributions and dedication to the Arts.

Watch their dazzling new special, PHOENIX:

Tamburitzans Presents Symbols

Tamburitzans Presents Symbols, a celebration of ancestral music and dance from Pittsburgh’s world-renowned performance ensemble. Filmed live at the award winning Pittsburgh Playhouse of Point Park University, Symbols showcases the beauty and brilliance of Croatian, Georgian, Nordic, Serbian, Polish, Italian Bulgarian and Macedonian cultural traditions in an exciting stage show, alive with movement, music and sound.

Tamburitzans: Prism

The Pittsburgh-based Tamburitzans are the longest-running multicultural song and dance company in the United States. For more than eighty years, the “Tammies” have joyfully helped to keep many of the world’s cultural traditions alive through costume, music and dance. This special television broadcast captures the troupe’s performance of “Prism” – a celebration of international cultures in vivid and rich hues of heritages from around the globe.

  • Group of Tamburitzans girls playing violins
  • Tamburitzan boys dancing
  • Armenian Tamburitzan girls dancing
  • Group of Tamburitzans playing instruments
  • Greek group of Tamburitzans dancing
  • Two dancers in the Tamburizans