More than a million people in Pennsylvania are hungry because they cannot afford or do not have access to healthy food. Many others are unsure of how, or where they might get their next proper meal.

For some, food insecurity is a matter of financial need. But often, entire communities are cut off from proper nutrition because there are no grocery stores nearby. These so-called “food deserts” are not the only challenge. Some neighborhoods have turned into “food swamps” – with a proliferation of fast-food restaurants and no healthy options. Further, the coronavirus pandemic has compounded the problem, creating home isolation and limited access to nutritious food.

WQED is proud to collaborate with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield on this project. The documentary’s goal is to examine food insecurity as a societal problem, identify the causes, and introduce the people and organizations working to bring nutritious meals to the tables of those who need it.

Food insecurity often brings health consequences, including diabetes and high blood pressure, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. The American Heart Association offers resources to illustrate the importance of lifestyle choices in keeping a healthy heart:
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