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Clara Kent

A blend of soul, jazz, blues and hip-hop.

Yaro and the Static

Yaro and the Static performs their song "Divine Beast."

Jackson Gardner

Jackson Gardner performs his single, "Shots Fired"

Angela Autumn

Indie folk

Funky Fly Project

jazz/funk fusion

Sydney Krauth (feat. Bird)

17-year-old singer/songwriter Sydney Krauth with a featured performance by Bird.

Elias Khouri

This episode features self taught guitarist Elias Khouri.

"The Sweater" Sessions: The Beagle Brothers

The Beagle Brothers pay tribute to the classic song, "Won't You Be My Neighbor."

Bill Henry Band

The band performs their first single, "Need a Lady."

Derek Woods Band

The band performs "Don't Look Away"

About WQED Sessions

A direct-to-web series highlighting Pittsburgh's vibrant musical community.

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