Rescan Troubleshooting

WQED Frequency Change Update: July 8, 2019

We appreciate your feedback regarding re-scanning WQED on your television. Many of you successfully followed our troubleshooting tips and are now enjoying a crisp, clear WQED signal. Some viewers told us that repositioning their antenna or extending their rabbit ears got them back on air.

For those of you without a signal, we are investigating whether it is a topography or antenna issue. Be assured that our engineers are tirelessly working to resolve the matter. If you have not provided us with your information, please do so by filling out the questionnairre below.

We will continue to communicate with you as information becomes available.

We understand that some viewers are experiencing an interruption in the WQED signal due to the channel reassignment. We apologize for any inconvenience and our engineering staff is working diligently to address this issue.

Here is what you can do

  • Please make sure that you have rescanned your television. Instructions can be found here.
  • Remember to rescan your channels every time you move your television.
  • Adjust your antenna by extending your rabbit ears or elevating and/or moving your in-house antenna
  • If you have already tried these avenues with no luck, please tell us where you live and the type of antenna you normally use to receive the over the air WQED signal (i.e. rabbit ears, rooftop antenna, etc.). We are currently seeking a solution for our long-time over the air viewers who may be experiencing an outage.

Here is what WQED is doing

  • Our engineering staff is currently reaching out to other PBS stations who have gone through a similar conversion.
  • WQED will explore any remedies through the Federal Communications Commission.
  • You can stream PBS Kids here.
  • PBS Capitol Fourth will be available here.

Due to our topography, we know that over the air reception has always been a challenge, be assured that we value every viewer. Your completion of the attached questionnaire will help us to more quickly arrive at a solution.

We will be updating this site as information becomes available. Thank you for your support and patience.

Troubleshooting Questionnaire

Please give any information you can (e.g. brand, model number, rabbit ears/bowtie/panel)

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