The multiple-part series explores how the media portrays African American males and how society views them as a result. The episodes also report on people and organizations working to spotlight positive rather than negative images.

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Pitch Perfect

Pittsburgh’s Afro American Music Institute goes beyond teaching music to foster a culture of pride and community responsibility.

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Teaching Success

How do you teach an African American boy to become a leader? We examine three different paths to success.

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Media Men

We look at African American men and boys in positive mentoring roles in the field of communications.

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Journey to Medicine

Follow middle school students, medical students and seasoned professional physicians as they pursue careers in medicine.

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After the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, the torch has been passed to a new generation of leadership in the African American community in Pittsburgh.

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Getting Schooled

We focus on efforts to attract more African American men into the teaching community, including non-traditional teachers who bring teaching outside the classroom.

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Fine Arts and Artists

Meet men who have made a career in music, dance and the arts. Hear of the obstacles they faced and their accomplishments.

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Already Doing It

Young African American men as a whole score below their counterparts when it comes to academics, but we’ll meet teenagers excelling in school, volunteering as mentors and working hard to make a difference among their peers.

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The Next Generation

Though statistics and attitudes may show a slight narrowing of America’s racial divide, the highly-charged racial incidents in Missouri, New York and South Carolina tell another story. In the culmination of our three-year initiative, we talk not only with community and law enforcement leaders, but with the generation of young men whose lives are most affected – examining accomplishments and objectives that remain.


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