CMU Science Squad

Annette Banks looks at the CMU Physics Concepts Outreach Program, which introduces students from Pittsburgh Public Schools to undergrad mentors. Together they explore the concepts of physics, collaborate on projects and share an invaluable learning experience.

A Slice of Hazelwood

Community Kitchen Pittsburgh is a job-training, non-profit organization that’s helping Hazelwood and surrounding areas by training students in the culinary arts. Next Gen Fellow William Gandy takes us inside a community event that’s serving up more than just a delicious meal.

City of Asylum

Ash Warren invites you to discover the Northside artists’ residence that provides sanctuary for endangered writers in an atmosphere of support and safety. Hear stories of personal struggle and learn about the vision behind the renowned project.

Hazelwood: An Often Forgotten Community, Pt. 1

Michael Wilson Sr., speaks on behalf of the residents of Glen Hazel, a neighborhood within Hazelwood. Michael tells us about working to help build an empowered community in the first of two films by Shakirah Stephens.

Hazelwood: An Often Forgotten Community, Pt. 2

As Hazelwood prepares for new interest in this once forgotten community, activists Saundra Cole McCamey and Sonya Tilghman talk about ways to ensure that residents also reap the benefits. Second of two films by Shakirah Stephens.

Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center

Located in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood, the Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center (ENEC) has been around for more than 25 years, providing Allegheny County residents access to tools needed to gain employment.  NextGeneration Fellow Raven Cordice explains the mission of the organization, and how it’s changing lives.

Garfield Night Market

Friday nights in Garfield will never be the same … all thanks to the Garfield Night Market. The monthly event, which runs from May through September, showcases local vendors and gives the community a fun activity to look forward to during the summer.  NextGeneration Fellows Raven Cordice and London Reese-Scaife have this look at what the market has to offer.

Local 412

This name says it all! The Local 412 is a hip-hop art gallery located on Penn Avenue in Garfield. It serves as a gathering spot, as well as a way for local artists to show off their talents. NextGeneration Fellows Raven Cordice and London Reese-Scaife have more on the mission behind this neighborhood hot spot.

Refresh Pgh

Refresh Pgh is a sneaker restoration and consignment shop located on Penn Avenue in Garfield. The business is located in a section of the city that has seen plenty of redevelopment in recent years. NextGeneration Fellow Kevin McCoy talks to the owners about their connection to Garfield and the changes they see taking place.


In 1996, Randy Gilson took out a bank loan to buy some abandoned property on the North Side. Using only his tip money from his job as a server, and the help of his friends and neighbors, he transformed the space into what is now known as “Randyland” – a bright oasis on the corner of Arch St. and Jacksonia Way. See what makes Randy tick and hear what the neighbors think in a segment from NextGeneration Fellow Andrew Klein.

Bistro to Go

Bistro to Go is a popular neighborhood restaurant on the busy stretch of East Ohio Street on Pittsburgh’s North Side. To customers, it’s a great place to grab a salad and a sandwich. But to the North Side community, it’s more than a restaurant. And to owner Nikki Heckman, it’s more than a business. NextGeneration Fellow James Hill explains how a strong sense of family and community make this place so special.

Gwen’s Girls

Guiding girls into womanhood; that is the mission of Gwen’s Girls. The North Side organization was established in 2002 by the city of Pittsburgh’s first female police sergeant, Gwen Elliott. Ms. Elliott saw the challenges many young girls faced and she wanted to make a difference. NextGeneration Fellow Alexis Adams has the story.

Garfield Gators

They are well-known in the Garfield community, and throughout the entire city. The Garfield Gators football program is one of the most successful in the region. The program was founded in 1993, and since then has helped hundreds of children ranging in age from 6 to 14 years old. NextGeneration Fellow Kevin McCoy takes us to the sidelines for a behind-the-scenes look at the program and the volunteer coaches who make it work.

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