Helicopter Parents

Season 7 | Episode 706 | Length: 27 minutes

This important episode explores the crucial distinction between “parenting” and “over-parenting”. Experts reveal some of the most common well-intentioned – but damaging – mistakes parents make; and they explain how so-called “helicopter parenting” can lead to a child who struggles to adjust to school and social environments.

Our Guests

David Tabatsky is a writer, editor, and performing artist, based in New York City.


Dr. Rueben BrocDr. Rueben Brock is an assistant professor of psychology at California University of Pennsylvania. He is also a licensed counselor in private practice.


Dr. George GlassDr. George Glass is a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, and a specialist in addiction disorders. He has been a Clinical Associate Professor or Psychiatry at three different medical schools, and has dealt with adolescents, young adults, and adults who have had entitlement, maturation, and substance abuse issues.


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